Direct Access to Medicare One-Stop solution for Medical equipment suppliers VPN connections to Medicare

Medgi is the leader when it comes to providing easy and affordable VPN connections to Medicare for Medical equipment suppliers. Never again suffer unexpected downtime or slow connections again.

Medicare VPN

Built for Speed and Ease of use

We use the latest VPN technologies and tools in order for your Medical equipment supplier business to connect directly to Medicare's system easily.

Send your 270s and Receive 271s directly through the HETS Medicare System

Send unlimited amounts of electronic eligibility requests (270/271) directly through the HETS System. Enjoy the freedom of connecting directly to the HETS system. Never have to worry about costly transaction fees again.

Connect straight to your Submitter IDs Mailboxes via SFTP for all MACs

Have the ease of mind that you are connecting to all MACs and Jurisdiction directly through SFTP system. Connect to any of your Submitter ID mailboxes and send 837s and retrieve any all of your reports (835s,999s,277s, etc.)

Access the Medicare Mainframe System with any 3270 Emulator

With Medgi we offer you unlimited 3270 connections to Medicare's system. Allowing you to use any 3270 emulators gives you the freedom of choice, including emulators with macro features, that allow you to use the system programmatically.

The one-stop solutions for all your Medicare VPN needs

Medgi can customize the right plan for your needs, no matter your organization's size, location, and preferences. We make you the priority. View our most popular plans, but keep in mind you can fully customize your experience.

Why use Medgi's Medicare VPN

Medgi's Medicare VPN that is fully customizable at an affordable price. Check out below to see why Medgi's Medicare VPN is the best around.

Connect to all MACs & Jurisdictions

Directly connect to Palmetto, NGS, CGS, Noridian, Novitas and more.

Speedy VPN Hardware shipping

Need access quickly? Next Day shipment available. No long wait times for your delivery.

Easy no hassle Set up

Our friendly knowledgeable support techs are very familiar with how Medical Equipment Suppliers work and will help you get set up quickly.

Fully Customizable

Get what you need at an affordable price with everything that you want, don't pay for extra services you don't need.

HIPAA Compliant

Rest assure that Medgi's Medicare VPN solutions are HIPAA Compliant, approved by CMS.

Perfect for Medical Equipment Suppliers

Built from the ground up for Medical Equipment suppliers. Our Team has 15+ years of experience with Healthcare and we can help you grow your Medical supply equipment business.

Experienced Team

We have taken things a step further and created the perfect Medicare VPN Solution for a variety of purposes that makes it the ideal choice for Medical Equipment Suppliers.

Technical support included

Phone calls and email support included in all plans, get the answers you need from our techs with years of experience in the Medical Equipment Supplies field. Rest assure you will be up and running in a matter of days.

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